An Alternative Ulster

I like to find things I can learn from. Sometimes it's worth the laugh while others the tears.

“It is the impossibility of living by any other means that compels our farm laborers to till the soil whose fruits they will not eat, and our masons to construct buildings in which they will note live. It is want that drags them to those markets where they await masters who will do them the kindness of buying them. It is want that compels them to go down on their knees to the rich man in order to get from him permission to enrich him…What effective gain has the suppression of slavery brought him? … He is free, you say. Ah! That is his misfortune. The slave was precious to his master because of the money he had cost him. But the handicrafts man costs nothing to the rich voluptuary who employs him…These men, it is said, have no master— they have one, and the most terrible, the most imperious of masters, that is need. It is this that reduces them to the most cruel dependence.”

—   Simon Linguet 
  • 30 December 2011
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